Ferry departures from Tunis


Tunisi (La Goulette) – Grimaldi Tunisie
Zone portuaire 2040 rades
Ph.: +216 71 735 100
Ph.: +216 71 735 171
Fax: +216 71 449 859

Check in 

Check-in will be carried out by our staff in the Maritime Station. You will have to show up for boarding three hours before departure, with or without a vehicle. 

Boarding operations end 60 minutes before departure.

Documents necessary for boarding

Don’t forget that all passengers,including those UNDER AGED, must show up at embarkation with a valid identity document. Be always informed about valid travel documents before leaving.

Active routes from the port of Tunis

Tunis – Palermo
Transit time 10h00m - 13h30m | 11h30m - 12h30m
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Tunis – Civitavecchia
Transit time 19h00 m - 20h00m | 18h30 m - 19h30m
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Tunis – Salerno
Transit time 22h00 m - 27h00m | 24h30 m - 28h00m
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How to get there:

The road that crosses the «Lake of Tunis» (continuation of the Avenue Habib Bourguiba).
Once in La Goulette follow signposting « Gare Maritime ».
The check-in desk is locted inside the Passenger Terminal.

Foot passengers can reach La Goulette by the TGM train