Guide and information to change or cancel your booking

Coronavirus Emergency Ticket Cancellation – Voucher Issue

On the basis of regional, national and international decrees and ordinances, issued to counter the spread of Covid-19, our maritime connections have been closed to passenger traffic starting from different dates, with gradual and differentiated reopening based on to the destination. Our information, about the inability to accept travelers, was sent to customers, already in possession of the tickets, promptly as soon as the authorities updated their provisions.

On the page of next departures you will always find up-to-date government regulations for individual destinations.

According to article 88-BIS of the Legislative Decree 18/2020, passengers recover the full amount of the ticket, already paid and not used due to travel restrictions for Covid-19 pandemic, through the issue of a voucher valid for 18 months, which the customer may request within 30 days from the end of the block. The voucher can be used to issue a new ticket on any Grimaldi Lines maritime connection. If the new ticket has a higher value than the previous one, the customer will pay the fare difference.

After 18 months from the issue, for unused vouchers, passengers can ask for a refund of the amount paid within fourteen days of expiry. The same refund can be requested by the passenger after 12 months from the issue and is paid within fourteen days of the request. The request must be sent to info@grimaldi.napoli.it for customers who purchased the original ticket directly with the Company, or by contacting their travel agency.

Cancel your ticket

Special rate tickets and tickets with residents/natives fares are non-refundable.

For standard rate tickets, the following penalties apply to the total amount of the ticket, i.e. passengers, accommodation supplements and any vehicles and others:

  • 10%, plus fixed fees, up to 30 calendar days before departure;
  • 30%, plus fixed fees, 29 to 7 calendar days before departure;
  • 50%, plus fixed fees, 6 to 2 calendar days before departure;
  • 100%, plus fixed fees, from the day before and/or for no show.

Requests for the cancellation of a Standard fare ticket will not be accepted, if it has already been changed twice in date, time, route.

Meals on board and shuttle bus services are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation penalty of 100% or no show.
Tickets with special Agreement are refundable in accordance with the above conditions if otherwise they have a standard rate, they are non-refundable.
No refund is due for denied boarding due to refusal by the authority or due to lack/insufficiency of passenger or vehicle documents.

Passengers are advised to take out an insurance policy to cover the above mentioned penalty for cancellations.

In case of cancellation of the ticket, requested by the passenger from 30 days before departure until the day before departure, the full amount paid for the insurance cover will not be refunded in any circumstances.

Change your ticket

If you have purchased a ticket and would like to change it, within two days of departure you can:

  • write us to info@grimaldi.napoli.it
  • go to your travel agency of trust
  • change the ticket at one of our port ticket offices

You will receive a new changed ticket.

It is possible to request changes to the date, time, line, passengers, accommodations, vehicles, etc., which are subject to availability, limited to the number of seats for passengers and garage spaces available on board (variable according to the date and the shipping line).

All tickets, with both standard and special rate, are subject to change restrictions, detailed below. Where applicable, the payment of any fees in the amount of € 30.00 will be required for the change in addition to the rate differences, if the change involves a higher cost than the original ticket.

The Carrier reserves the right to launch time-limited extraordinary promotional campaigns during the season, whose tickets may not be modifiable and are non-refundable as specified in the applicable terms and conditions of the special offers.

Below you will find a vademecum for changes in your ticket.

Change the Date, time of departure, sea connection

The change of date, time of departure and sea connection can only take place for departures already available for sale.
They may be requested up to two days before the departure date and not more than two times, applying the 30€ amendment charge. Any change, moreover, could generate additional costs due to fare adjustments.

Change the Accommodation
It can be requested even on the same day of departure, upon payment of the difference in price due to the new accommodation. No change fees apply.

Change the Vehicle
It can be requested even on the same day of departure, upon payment of the difference in price due to the new vehicle, if the change involves a change in the category. No change fees apply.

Change the Name
It can also be requested on the day of departure. No change fees apply.

Addition of Passenger (adult/child/infant)
It can be requested even on the same day of departure, subject to payment of the cost for the new passenger and possible accommodation. No change fees apply.

Addition of Pets
It can be requested even on the same day of departure, subject to payment of the cost for the pet. No change fees apply.

Addition of Meals/Services
It can be requested even on the same day of departure, subject to payment of the cost for meal/services. No change fees apply.

Addition of Shuttle Bus
It can be requested even on the same day of departure, subject to payment of the cost for the service. No change fees apply. In case of addition on the same day of departure, please check before the service is active, calling the call center under 081.496.444.

Exception for Tunisia and Morocco lines

Change the name
For tickets with special rate Discount on Return ticket Tunisia and Discount on Return ticket Morocco the change in the name can only be requested up to 2 days before the one-way trip. No change fees apply.

The Company reserves the right to modify passenger ticket cancellation and change conditions.


Cancel the ticket

If you want to cancel the ticket purchased with Grimaldi Lines as you cannot leave, you can do it by: