Guide and information to change or cancel your booking

Cancel your ticket

Cancellation of the entire ticket or certain items on the ticket (e.g. reduction in the number of passengers, cancellation of vehicle, accommodation, pets) must be communicated in writing to the Carrier at info@grimaldi.napoli.it, directly or through the intermediary from which the ticket was purchased (e.g. Travel Agency). For special fare tickets, the cancellation of the ticket or some parts of it does not entitle you to a refund unless otherwise provided for in the conditions of applicability of the special offer. For standard-fare tickets, the cancellation of the ticket or some parts of it entitles the passenger to a refund of the value of the ticket or the cancelled items, less fixed charges (where applicable) and EU ETS costs, and it is subject to the following penalties:

  • 10% of the value up to 30 calendar days before departure;
  • 30% of the value from 29 to 7 calendar days before departure;
  • 50% of the value from 6 to 2 calendar days before departure;
  • 100% of the value from the day before and/or for no-show at embarkation.

Requests to cancel a Standard-fare ticket will not be accepted if the date, time or line has already been changed twice. Meals on board, the pet in cabin and the pre-purchased shuttle bus service are refundable, except in the case of cancellation from the day before departure or no-show at embarkation (100% cancellation fee). Please refer to the following link https://www.grimaldi-lines.com/en/on-board/wi-fi-on-board/ for wifi package cancellation conditions. Convention tickets are refundable according to the above conditions if standard fare; otherwise, they will not be refundable. No reimbursement is due for denied boarding due to refusal by the authority or lack/insufficiency of passenger or vehicle document. For journeys in which the Carrier is Grimaldi Euromed S.p.A., an insurance policy can be taken out to cover the above-mentioned cancellation penalties. For further details and to check the scope and limits of the cover, also in relation to the protections already provided for by law, consult the dedicated page and the information set available here: https://www.grimaldi-lines.com/en/nobis-insurance/

In case of cancellations made by the carrier, the relevant provisions of Regulation (EC) no. 1177/2010 apply.

Coronavirus Emergency Ticket Cancellation

In the event that a passenger is forced to cancel the trip due to travel restrictions imposed by the authorities, or other reasons indicated in art. 88-bis of the D.L. 18/2020 (including the application of the quarantine), the Company will issue a covid voucher  for the total value of the cancelled ticket and for a duration of 30 months.

The covid voucher can be used to issue a new ticket on any Grimaldi Lines maritime connection. If the new ticket has a higher value than the previous one, the customer will pay the fare difference.

After 30 months of issue, for unused vouchers, a refund of the amount paid is paid within fourteen days of expiry date. The same refund can be requested by the passenger after 12 months of issue and is paid within fourteen days of the request. The request must be sent to info@grimaldi.napoli.it for customers who purchased the original ticket directly with the Company, or by contacting their travel agency.

On the next departures page we publish the government regulations for each destination, but we remind you that it is the passenger’s responsibility to check for any updates on the official websites, among which we suggest for domestic lines https://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/dettaglioArea/12; https://www.governo.it/it/articolo/domande-frequenti-sulle-misure-adottate-dal-governo/15638; https://www.salute.gov.it/portale/documentazione/p6_2_6.jsp?lingua=italiano; https://www.mit.gov.it/comunicazione/news/le-misure-del-mitmims-per-il-covid-19 and international lines www.viaggiaresicuri.it.

Change your ticket

Within the limits and conditions set out below, both standard and special fare tickets may be modified at the passenger’s request by writing to the Carrier at the e-mail address info@grimaldi.napoli.itdirectly or through the intermediary from which the ticket was purchased (e.g. Travel Agency). Change of departure (date, time and/or line) and change and/or addition of passengers, vehicles, accommodation, pets or services is allowed within the limits of passenger seats and garage spaces available on board (varying according to date and sea line). It is not possible to change the fare level (standard fare or special fare) chosen at the time of purchase. If the change results in an increase in the original fare, the passenger must pay the difference. In the event of a change of departure, a change fee of € 30.00 will also apply. If the new journey costs less, the difference will be refunded if the change of ticket is made through the same channel as the original purchase. The Carrier reserves the right to launch special promotional campaigns for a limited time, during the course of the season, with tickets that are non-changeable, as well as non-refundable, or which may be subject to the different conditions of change and/or cancellation specified in the relevant conditions of applicability of the special offer.

Change of departure (time, date, line) All tickets issued at both standard and special fares may be subject to a change by the passenger of the time, date and ports (of departure and/or arrival), provided that the change is requested within 2 days from the departure date indicated on the ticket to be changed and only in the event of simultaneous purchase of a journey already available for sale. This type of change will incur a €30 change fee, and any difference in fares if the new trip costs more than the previous one. If the new journey costs less, the difference will be refunded if the change of ticket is made through the same channel as the original purchase. This type of change can be made up to a maximum of 2 times. NB: for tickets purchased by 30th December 2022 (included), any change to the departure date made from 31st December 2022 will imply the adjustment of the premium paid for the purchase of the NOBIS multi-risk insurance policy. Therefore, the passenger will be required to pay the difference between the amount of the premium paid and the amount of the new premium (to view the new insurance premium amounts: https://www.grimaldi-lines.com/en/nobis-insurance/).

Change of product (name, accommodation, vehicle) These types of change can be requested up to the day of departure and also at the port ticket offices. No variation fees are charged, but any fare adjustment (if the new product costs more than the previous one) must be paid. The change is subject to availability of the requested product. Exception Tunisia line: for tickets issued with special Tunisia Return Discount fares, name changes can only be requested up to 2 days before the outbound journey.

Addition of passenger (adult/child/infant), vehicle, pet, service (meals, pet in cabin, Naples-Civitavecchia-Naples shuttle bus) These types of changes can be requested up to the day of departure and also at the port ticket offices. No change fees are charged, but you must pay the cost of the additional passenger, new vehicle, animal or service at the rate in force at the time of the change. The change is subject to the availability of seats on board, or of the service requested. When adding the shuttle bus service from Naples to Civitavecchia and vice versa, it is necessary to verify the actual operation by calling +39 081.496.444 in advance.

The Company reserves the right to launch extraordinary promotional campaigns for a limited time, which may limit or improve the above-mentioned conditions.

These changes are specified in the conditions of application of the special offers.

The Grimaldi Lines route from Civitavecchia to Olbia and vice versa is seasonal and operates during the summer months from 01/06/2024 to 30/09/2024.
Departures until 31/05/2024 and from 01/10/2024 to 31/12/2024 are operated by other shipping company. Relevant bookings are made by redirecting to the website of the aforementioned Company and under the conditions stipulated therein. For ticket cancellation/change and service related issues (e.g. passenger assistance and information, complaints) please contact the above operating Company. If you wish to purchase a round-trip ticket involving different routes, or dates on which different Airlines operate, you may make two separate tickets, or contact us at 081.496444 or email info@grimaldi.napoli.it

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