Discover the routes, the ships and the latest offers to travel to and from Spain

Spain: since ever a symbol for nightlife and fun in the imagination of every traveller.

On board ferries to Spain Grimaldi Lines you can reach the port of Barcelona on board of Cruise Ferry ships of the last generation, equipped with all the comforts and standards of services worthy of a cruise ship. We guarantee regular connections throughout the year from the ports of Civitavecchia and Porto Torres to the capital of Catalonia: once at your destination, you can either visit a splendid metropolis with a thousand cultural, architectural and artistic facets, or travel to discover the surrounding area through many tourist itineraries, on the coast and inland. You can board your car or motorcycle and travel comfortably in the cabin with your family and friends at really advantageous prices, thanks to Grimaldi Lines offers for Spain.

What are you waiting for? Book now the ship to Barcelona with Grimaldi Lines!

Ragazza sorridente con occhiali da sole e cappello panama bianco che stringe valigia e un portafoglio con biglietti.

How to purchase tickets for Spain

Booking ship tickets to Spain is simple and fast with Grimaldi Lines! You can purchase your ferries to Spain on our site, where all the time schedules, days and prices of ships sailing to the island are available. Once the booking has been made, you will receive your tickets via email: print them and take them with you to the boarding point, together with the General Conditions and a valid identification document for all passengers, including those under 18.

It is also possible to book through our Call center or send an email request.

If you want to cancel or change the booking, you need to call the Call Center or send an email request.

Coppia uomo e donna che passeggiano sulla battigia al tramonto. In lontananza una nave della Grimaldi Lines.

Offers for Spain

With Grimaldi Lines you will always leave with the best price!

We guarantee special rates valid all year round to which super cheap offers with limited time, not to be missed, are added: discounts for travellers with family or friends and want to bring their own car or camper van. And there are also promotions aimed at specific types of passengers: we offer ad hoc discounts for children and over 60 seniors.

The ships for Spain

Travelling on our ships to Spain means reaching a dream destination while having fun and relaxing. Our flagships Cruise Roma and Cruise Barcelona, used on the routes from Civitavecchia to Barcelona, are suitable for all types of needs and customers. Grimaldi Lines ferries can offer a variety of services: different types of accommodation, from the simple deck passage to the large reclining armchairs to the comfortable cabins; restaurants, cafeterias and bars offering different menus and delicacies; and for fun on board, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Discos, outdoor pools, cinemas and shops will make travel time enjoyable and children can have fun in the areas reserved for them. In addition, the ships meet the most modern safety standards in terms of navigation and are equipped to accommodate in the best possible way passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, both during the boarding phase and during the stay on board. Visit the section of the site dedicated to the fleet to learn more about ferries to Spain.

Imbarco a bordo di una nave.

Boarding on ferries to Spain

Inquire about boarding procedures, it is essential to be prepared to leave in peace. For the routes to Spain the check-in operations will be carried out by our staff in the Maritime Station.

It is necessary to show up for boarding at least two hours before departure, with or without a vehicle. It is important not to leave home necessary documents, that is the ticket, the General Conditions and the valid identity document for all passengers.


Necessary documents

All passengers who board the Grimaldi Lines ferries, including children and infants, must have a valid ID at the time of check-in at the port, as well as the travel ticket.

To travel to and from Spain it is necessary to be in possession of a valid identity card.

Non-EU citizens, must bring a valid passport.

For more details you can consult the website of the State Police and the General Conditions of the Company.