Discover the routes, the latest offers to travel with our ferries to Greece

Greece: a tourist destination of excellence and a fantastic country to visit, known throughout the world for its wide coasts, beaches and numerous islands, but also for its history and its traditions.

With Grimaldi Lines ferries to Greece you can easily reach strategic points on the coast, with the port of Igoumenitsa, from which you can discover new and suggestive itineraries; you can also reach the island of Corfu, where you can enjoy sea, holidays and a lively nightlife.

Greece is connected to Italy both from the north, from the port of  Ancona, than from the South, from the port of Brindisi. You can choose the solution that best suits your needs. Departures with afternoon and night schedules allow you to disembark in the port of arrival in a useful time for all needs.


How to purchase tickets for ferries to Greece

Ship tickets to Greece of Grimaldi Lines can be purchased quickly and easily! In fact, it is possible to connect to the website and purchase them directly online: you will find all the times, the days of departure and the prices of the ships. Once the booking has been made, you will receive your tickets via email: print them and take them with you to the boarding point, together with the General Conditions and a valid identification document for all passengers, including those under 18.

It is also possible to book through our Call center or send an email request.

If you want to cancel or change the booking, you need to call the Call Center or send an email request.


Offers ferries to Greece

Like with all the other sea lines, also for Greece Grimaldi Lines does not miss the chance to launch some advantageous offers!

Special discounts on return journey are ensured to all passengers who make a round trip, and further discounts are provided if you combine the routes of Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines, from the ports of Venice, Ancona and Brindisi.

There are also dedicated ferry offers to specific types of passengers: there are ad hoc discounts for children and over 60 seniors.

Purchase your ticket at Grimaldi Lines at the best price!


Ferries to Greece

Reach Greece onboard our own ships will make the journey pleasant and comfortable. In order to spend the best time while sailing, passengers can take advantage of all the forms of entertainment offered on board: restaurants, self-service restaurants and bars offering a vast assortment of Mediterranean dishes; and you won’t miss the fun on board! Wellness center, outdoor swimming pools, video game area, evening music entertainment and shops will pleasantly let the time of the trip go by, and the children can have fun in the areas reserved for them. As to accommodations, you can choose either the cabin, preferred for night crossings, or other easier solutions such as the armchair, the cheapest along with the deck passage, which allow you to spend the time of the crossing in full serenity. In addition, the ships meet the most modern safety standards in terms of navigation and are equipped to accommodate in the best possible way passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, both during the boarding phase and during the stay on board. Visit the section of the site dedicated to the fleet to learn more about ferries to Greece.


Boarding on ferries to Greece

Inquire about boarding procedures, it is essential to be prepared to leave in peace. For the routes to Greece the check-in operations will be carried out by our staff in the Maritime Station.

It is necessary to show up for boarding at least two hours before departure, for all lines, with or without a vehicle. It is important not to leave home necessary documents, that is the ticket, the General Conditions and the valid identity document for all passengers.


Travelling by ferry to Greece together with your pets?

If you want to travel by boat and bring your faithful friend with you, with Grimaldi Lines it is possible to purchase a ticket also for your pet and choose the most suitable accommodation, between the comfortable cabins with the “pet in cabin” service at €10 per cabin and leg or the deck passage, where you can freely move in the areas to dedicated to them. Your four-legged friends are always welcome on board!