The fleet

We kindly inform passengers that some onboard entertainment may not be available.

Maritime roaming

Maritime roaming is available on Grimaldi ships, which allows you to continue using the mobile phone even in the open sea. The maritime roaming tariffs are increased and not included in the ordinary tariff plans valid in Italy and the EU. Before the departure of the ship, customers are advised to inquire about the applicable rates at the customer care or the website of their telephone operator. When the mobile terminal registers with the maritime network, an SMS message will be sent with the rates applied by the telephone operator to which it belongs. To not take advantage of maritime roaming, you can disable the roaming option or activate flight mode in the settings of the mobile terminal. To use voice only, it is possible to disable data traffic.


A paid satellite Wi-Fi service is available on board the Grimaldi Lines ships with choice options on different packages. The service is available in the areas inside the ship. The Wi-Fi connection on board is provided via satellite technology and in extremely complex technical conditions, may be subject to limitations depending on the weather conditions of the location.

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