Multi-risk insurance offers extensive insurance coverage which includes the following guarantees:

  • Reimbursement in the event of a fee for cancellation of the trip by the passenger due to unforeseeable impeding circumstances beyond the control of the insured. The operation of the coverage is complementary to the protections provided by law. Passengers who cannot travel due to Covid-19 infection or traffic restrictions in force at the time of departure have the right to ask the carrier to issue a voucher under the conditions set out in art. 88-bis DL 18/2020. In cases of cancellation by the passenger for reasons related to Covid-19, the insurance policy covers different cases than those provided for by art. 88-bis, operating in the event of infection of a family member of the insured or cancellation of the trip by an insured travel companion due to infection. In case of cancellation of the service by the carrier, the passenger is protected pursuant to art. 18 EU Reg. No. 1177/2010 (see Passenger Rights)
  • Additional reimbursement – within the respective ceilings – in case of damage / theft / loss of baggage during the crossing;
  • Reimbursement or payment of indemnity – within the respective ceilings – in the event of: accidents, medical expenses, hospitalization caused by Covid-19 infection and subsequent convalescence, travel interruption caused by quarantine or isolation;
  • Personal assistance, vehicle assistance, home assistance and home assistance for family members who stay at home.

For a detailed description of the guarantees and the respective operational limits, please refer to the insurance conditions contained in the Information Set.

The gross premium for each insured person is € 4.50 one way.

A special discounted gross premium of € 14.00 one way applies for bookings referred to 4 paying passengers, 2 adults and 2 childs (under 12 years).

The Multi-risk insurance can be included at the time of booking, or afterwards but not later than 30 days before departure (in the latter case by contacting the Grimaldi Lines call center at +39 081.496.444 or

The NOBIS multi-risk insurance policy can be purchased for all connections, with the exception of the routes from Ancona to Greece and back managed by  Minoan Lines.


Damage insurance for vehicles transported on board motor ships offers insurance coverage that guarantees material and direct damage found on the following parts of the vehicle:

  • car body;
  • tires;
  • crystals;
  • external accessories;

suffered by vehicles transported on board motor ships, exclusively during the following phases:

  • navigation,
  • embarkation and disembarkation activities.

The insurance coverage operates on a second risk basis, i.e. it exclusively guarantees that part of the damage which does not fall within the guarantees provided for by any other policies subscribed by the insured or by the shipping company on the same risks (which must be previously enforced), up to the maximum limit of € 5,000.00 for each insured vehicle. In the event of an event affecting multiple insured persons, the maximum outlay by the insurance company cannot exceed €100,000.00 per event. If the amounts to be paid exceed this limit, the compensation due to each insured will be reduced proportionately.

For a detailed description of the guarantee and the related operating limits, please refer to the insurance conditions present in the Information Set.

The gross premium for each insured vehicle amounts to €4.00 for vehicles with a length equal to or less than m. 6.5, while it amounts to 8.00 euros for vehicles with a length exceeding m. 6.5. The indicated prize is valid for a single vehicle and for a single journey (one way and/or return only).

The vehicle damage guarantee comes into force and is effective exclusively during the period of permanence of the vehicle on board the motor vessel owned and/or rented/operated by Grimaldi Euromed S.p.A. i.e. from the moment of embarkation to the moment of disembarkation of each insured journey, provided that the membership takes place during the period of validity of the insurance contract.

The policy can be purchased when booking the ticket, or subsequently up to the day of departure. In the latter case, it is possible to purchase the policy by directly contacting the Grimaldi Lines call center on 081496444, by writing to the email, by contacting travel agencies or by going to the port ticket office.

The insurance policy for damage to the vehicle transported on board motor ships can be purchased for all connections, with the exception of routes to and from Ancona.

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