Training courses on Maritime Intermodality

Grimaldi Lines is one of the founders and partners of the Escola Europea Intermodal Transport – the European reference centre for training in logistics and intermodal transport. The objective of the Escola is to promote intermodal transport as the basis for the development of sustainable logistics in Europe.

The Escola offers training on maritime intermodality. The courses began in 2004 and were promoted by the Customer Service Department of the Port of Barcelona, with the collaboration of Grimaldi Lines and the Ports of Rome and Lazio. In 2006 the Escola was created in the shape and form as it is known today, formed by the Ports of Barcelona, Rome and Genoa and the shipping lines Grimaldi Lines and GNV.

The maritime intermodality and motorways of the sea courses are aimed at professionals from the sector and at students of logistics, transport and international trade. They take place on board of the vessels which carry out the short sea shipping services themselves and last between 3 to 4 days. During these days the participants can experience first-hand a return trip on a short sea shipping route, therewith gaining a hands-on understanding of the operations, port communities and the ports themselves.

The Escola adapts its programmes to the specific necessities of each group, and can include within its training visits to the eternal city of Rome.

The Escola organises courses targeting exclusively professionals, in which alongside the classes and the workshops, networking activities are emphasized and encouraged among the participants, fostering future professional relations. For more information on these types of courses, go to:

The Escola offers a wide range of training and technical courses specialized in maritime and rail intermodal transport, new logistics trends, temperature-controlled freight transport and energy transition, in addition to the Port Virtual Lab, a virtual simulation laboratory of a port community

For more information about the Escola, its courses and trainings, please click here Open courses – Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport.

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