Ferry departures from Civitavecchia


Logistica italiana porti e terminals S.p.A.
Via Prato del Turco, 1
00053 – Civitavecchia Porto
Terminal Autostrade del Mare

Check in 

Ferry departures to Sardinia

The fast check-in procedure is active for all departures to Olbia and Porto Torres: you will need to bring your ticket with you and show it to the Grimaldi staff directly at the boarding area, thus avoiding the queue at the ticket office. Boarding operations end 30 minutes before departure. Remember to show up at embarkation at least an hour before departure without a vehicle, two hours before departure with vehicle .

Ferry departures to Spain

For departures bound to Barcelona: check-in will be done by our staff in the Maritime Station. Boarding operations end 30 minutes before departure. It is required to show up at embarkation at least two hours before departure.

Ferry departures to Tunisia

For departures bound to Tunis: check-in will be done by our staff in the Maritime Station. Remember to show up for boarding three hours before departure, with or without a vehicle. Boarding operations end 60 minutes before departure. In high season, queues should be taken into account. Once the aforementioned time limit has elapsed, you will not be entitled to boarding, even if you have a reservation.

Inside the port terminals there is a meeting point where people with disabilities or people with reduced mobility can announce their arrival and ask for assistance.

Documents necessary for boarding

Don’t forget that all passengers, including those UNDER AGED, must show up at embarkation with a valid identity document, identity card or passport depending on whether you are travelling on a national, international or extra-Schengen route. Before leaving, ask about the valid travel documents.

Active routes from the port of Civitavecchia

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Civitavecchia – Tunis
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Civitavecchia – Barcelona
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Civitavecchia – Porto Torres
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Civitavecchia – Olbia
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How to get there:

Check-in desks inside the terminal building

From Rome by motorway A12: do not leave the motorway through the exits Civitavecchia but continue until the end of the motorway. Then thake the bypass in direction Civitavecchia to the port entrance.

From Rome by highway SS1 (Via Aurelia) : when you reach Civitavecchia, follow signposting to « Porto »

From north by highway SS1 (Via Aurelia)) : about 10 km before Civitavecchia take the pybass (Orte-Civitavecchia) to the port entrance

From Orte Viterbo highway SS 675: continue on this road until you reach the port entrance

On your navigator: TOWN = Civitavecchia STREET = Largo della Pace