Sardinians Doc

Ferry offer for natives and residents in Sardinia

All-year rates guaranteed on all Sardinian lines for natives and residents in Sardinia, on the Livorno – Olbia, Civitavecchia – Olbia and Civitavecchia – Porto Torres lines and vice versa!

Travelling to Sardinia with Grimaldi Lines is always cheaper! The special offer DOC SARDINIANS, which provides discounted rates guaranteed throughout the year to the natives and residents in Sardinia, is extended also to the sea line Civitavecchia – Olbia and vice versa!

Description of the “Doc Sardinians” offer:

  • Conditions of the offer

For all citizens natives or residents in Sardinia, Grimaldi Lines applies throughout the year the special discounted rate DOC SARDINIANS on the lines Livorno–Olbia,Civitavecchia-Porto Torres and Civitavecchia – Olbia and vice versa.

Furthermore, Grimaldi Lines offers you an additional special 100% discount appliable on the products car and inside cabin for every lines crossing Sardinia  The discount is valid for reservation until 31st March 2020 and departures from 01.01.2020 to 31.03.2020.

  • Validity of the offer

The special rate is valid all year round and applies to all passengers included in the booking.
The discount is valid for one-way or round trips and for any accommodation chosen on board.
The special rate is applied to the basic fee and to all supplements, except for mandatory fixed fees, travel cancellation insurance and on-board services (such as meals, Wi-Fi etc.).

The 100% discount is valid for reservation until 31st March 2020 and departures from 01.01.2020 to 31.03.2020.

The discount applies only on the following car categories:

  • Car up to 4 m in length (height up to 1.90 m)
  • Car 4.01 m to 5 m in length (height up to 1.90 m)
  • Motorbikes and scooters
  • How to apply the offer

To profit from the promotion, when booking online, select the “RESIDENTS/NATIVES” box.

The offer applies automatically to every passenger included in the reservation, therefore to the spouse, cohabitant and/or sons/daughters who are not resident. In case of the not-resident spouse, cohabitant and/or sons/daughters do not travel with the resident/native passenger, will be necessary to exhibit at the time of boarding a self-certification that declares the family unit settlement with the resident/native relative’s ID card attached.
At the time of boarding, passengers must show a valid identity document, showing their residence and /or birth in a Municipality of Sardinia. Should the above conditions not be respected, any rate differences will be collected at the time of boarding.

  • Combinability of the offer

The special rate is combinable with the other special offers valid at the time of booking, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of application of the promotions; it cannot be combined with the agreements and the Senior promotion.

  • Ticket cancellation and change

The promotion has no retroactive effect. Tickets are refundable and can be changed according to the current conditions.

Special rates are subject to limited availability and may vary.