Ferry departures from Palermo


Grimaldi Group
Molo Piave
Port Maritime Station

Check in 

Ferry departures to Salerno and Livorno
At the port of Palermo, the fast check-in procedure is active for all ferries to Salerno and Livorno: you will need to bring your ticket with you and show it to the Grimaldi staff directly at the boarding area, thus avoiding the queue at the ticket office.
Remember to show up at embarkation at least an hour and a half before departure without a vehicle, two hours before departure with vehicle .

Ferry departures to Tunisia
For departures bound to Tunis: check-in will be done by our staff in the Maritime Station.
Remember to show up for boarding three hours before departure, with or without a vehicle.
Boarding operations end 60 minutes before departure.
In high season, queues should be taken into account. Once the aforementioned time limit has elapsed, you will not be entitled to boarding, even if you have a reservation.

Inside the port terminals there is a meeting point where people with disabilities or people with reduced mobility can announce their arrival and ask for assistance.

Documents necessary for boarding

Don’t forget that all passengers, including those UNDER AGED , must show up at embarkation with a valid identity document. Be always informed about valid travel documents before leaving.

Active routes from the port of Palermo

Palermo – Cagliari
Transit time 13h30m | 13h30m
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Palermo – Tunis
Transit time 10h00m - 13h30m | 11h30m - 12h30m
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Palermo – Salerno
Transit time 9h30m - 10h30m | 9h30m - 11h00m
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Palermo – Livorno
Transit time 19h00m | 18h45m - 19h25m
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How to get there:

Enter the port through the gate located in front of Via Emerico Amari.
The check-in desk is located inside the Grimaldi Line box on Molo Piave.

On your navigator: TOWN = Palermo – STREET = Banchina Piave