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Educational curricula for transversal skills and orientation
Educational trips and activities, school year: 2023/2024

The Grimaldi Group is registered in the Alternation Register and the training offer Grimaldi Educa offers a wide range of structured training programmes in line with the training needs of the various school programmes in order to enrich the theoretical training acquired in the classroom with practical activities on the field in line with the personal training of the students involved.

The continuous search for activities more closely related to the course of studies have made the training offer highly modular according to the specific requests of the school referents.

With the help of the crew and specialized external partners, the training activities are carried out by ship during navigation and can continue during the stay on land in the “ship + hotel” and “educational projects on the road” solutions.

Activity period: from September to June

The possibility of carrying out educational activities with the consequent release of the certificate of participation complies with the directives of the Ministry of Education which provide, with the l. 107 of 2015 (La Buona Scuola), compulsory school-work alternation for all female students and male students in the last three years of high school.

To learn about the activities of the training course aimed at your study plan, write us to

Grimaldi Group has obtained the 2023 Quality Assurance Label (BAQ), established by Confindustria and attributed to the Companies in relation to school-work alternation activities carried out in the context of higher technical courses during the 2023/2024 school year.

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Grimaldi lines rewards excellence 

Students who stand out during the educational programme will be nominated School-Work Rotation Ambassadors for Grimaldi Lines.

Evaluation and ASL certificate

At the end of the programme, all students will receive a school-work rotation certificate, with its relative evaluation.

Customisable programmes

Activities can be personalised according to the requirements of the school/class, and their duration can be adapted to PON/POR Italian programmes.

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