I am a passenger in need of assistance (PRM), what should I do?

Our ships are all accessible and equipped with cabins dedicated to PMR passengers. In any case, it is necessary to inform the carrier of your arrival at least 48 hours before departure, in order to allow them to better organize the necessary assistance. It is also necessary to communicate particular needs with the same advance.

Once arrived at the port, the PMR must go to the dedicated Grimaldi Lines PMR ASSISTANCE desk, where they will be checked in and given an adhesive coupon to be affixed to the vehicle. Alternatively, the PMR can do the fast check-in only for national lines. So, the PMR can go directly to the square in front of the embarkation pier to carry out the fast check-in, and must make himself recognizable by turning on the 4 arrows and/or placing an A4 sheet with the word PMR on the car dashboard, which he will have received during the booking as an attachment to the ticket, waiting for an employee to provide the type of assistance needed and indicate where to park the car on the garage deck, to reach the lifts more comfortably, providing the on-board wheelchair, if necessary.

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