How can I submit a complaint?

Any passenger who wishes to issue a claim against the Company accordingly to UE Regulation 1177/2010, may transmit it within 2 months from the date when the service has been, or should have been, provided. Within 1 month from receiving the claim, the Carrier must notify the passenger if the claim was accepted, refused or still under evaluation. The time required to definitively reply the claim may not exceed 2 months from the date when the claim was received.

Claims may be sent in italian and/or english language:

via e-mail address:

via certified e-mail:

via ordinary mail/registered mail: Grimaldi Euromed Spa, via Marchese Campidisola 13, 80133 Napoli.

The claimant may use the form available at this link or sending a communication containing at least:

  1. Details of the user (name, surname, address) attaching copy of the identity card as well as , if any, details of a representative attaching relevant delegation;
  2. Details of the journey (date, time and place of departure, destination) and of the reservation number or ticket number;
  3. Description of the discrepancy between the service and the requirements described in the european or national law and with the general transport conditions.

In case of missed reply to the claim within the required time, if the claim has been submitted in a complete form and accordingly to above conditions, or if the reply has been considered unsatisfactory, the passenger can:

  1. apply the out-of-court dispute resolution procedure by initiating a conciliation procedure in the Chamber of Commerce of the place of passenger residence;
  2. submit a second instance complaint to the competent National Authority of the Member State of the European Union in whose territory the port of departure is located, or the port of destination if the port of departure is located in a country not belonging to the European Union , according to the procedures indicated by the competent Authority (for Italy, the Transport Regulation Authority, see ; for other Member States, see

In case of delay in the response to the complaint by the Carrier, if the port of departure is in Italy (or the port of destination if the port of departure is in a country outside the European Union), the passenger will be entitled to automatic compensation as provided by measure no. 5 of the Resolution of the Transport Regulation Authority no. 83/2019 available on the Authority’s website, at the following link:

As an alternative to the aforementioned channels, passengers who have purchased their ticket online will be able to submit any complaints through the “ODR platform” (Online Dispute Resolution) after registering via the following link: