• nuova linea sardegna Civitavecchia-Arbatax-Cagliari



The Company’s mission is to provide efficient, reliable, innovative and high-quality services for the maritime transport of passengers and goods by pursuing a constant process of identifying the needs and expectations of its customers. The company is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, social responsibility and transport solutions that promote environmentally sustainable mobility.

These targets are established for public service lines in the Service Charter. The Company constantly monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes involved in providing the public maritime transport service by means of service quality indicators, using all the tools provided by the management procedures and the technological supports available. Monitoring takes place above all by listening to the opinion of our passengers, for this reason Suggestion Forms are administered on board the ship in order to monitor the quality of our passenger service and, where necessary, to improve it and adapt our offer to the needs of our customers. The Suggestion Form, available at the reception for each reserved cabin, is a questionnaire that collects the opinion of passengers in a brief and homogeneous way. For the Civitavecchia-Arbatax-Cagliari line, it is possible to consult the summary of suggestion forms that check passengers customer satisfaction.

The personal safety of passengers is a priority in the management of the service. Customer reports are an important way to know the opinions of users, allowing us to constantly monitor the quality of the services provided, identifying the ambitions for improvement actions in order to answer to the needs and requirements of our customers. A specific form for submitting complaints can be found on our website, in accordance with the requirements of Measure 3 of Annex A of Resolution 83/2019. For the Civitavecchia-Arbatax-Cagliari line it is possible to consult the elements on the complaints received by our Company, published at least quarterly.

For more information, for reservations or ticket changes, you can contact our Call Center +39 081 496 444 (see timetables here) or write to info@grimaldi.napoli.it.

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