Grimaldi Lines & PagoDIL by Cofidis

Thanks to PagoDIL eCommerce pay for your purchases in convenient installments without cost or interest. Real-time outcome, without a paycheck.

The amount is divided into small installments charged a little at a time. The service is subject to approval by Cofidis S.A.


  • Choose PagoDIL by Cofidis at checkout
  • Fill out the simple form with your personal information and IBAN
  • Upload a photo of your valid driver’s license or passport and health card
  • You immediately have the outcome of the transaction in real time


With PagoDIL and thanks to the agreement with Cofidis, Grimaldi Lines allows you to defer the payment of your purchases without cost or interest. The amount is divided into installments that are debited from your bank account each month. The PagoDIL service is subject to the approval of Cofidis and consists of an assignment of credit between Affiliated Merchant (assignor) and Cofidis (assignee).

  • The Total Cost of the Product cannot be less than 250 euros and cannot exceed the maximum amount of 3,000.00 euros.
  • The deferred payment can be made in 5 or 10 installments.
  • The service is reserved for private individual with tax code and resident in Italy.

Visit the General Conditions of use here.


For any questions and more details visit the Service Center.

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