Can I book a trip with an infant who does not yet have an ID?

In the case of domestic travel, in the absence of identity document details, it is still possible to proceed with the booking. Once you have received your passport/ID card numbers, and in any case before departure, you will need to communicate them in order to include them in your reservation, by contacting our Call Centre or your trusted travel agency. Updating your document data is free of charge.

In the case of travel to Schengen States or to foreign non-Schengen countries, it is not possible to proceed with the booking in the absence of data relating to the identity document.

All passengers boarding Grimaldi Lines ferries, including children and infants, must be in possession of a valid identity document when checking in at the port (identity card, passport), as well as a travel ticket. Under no circumstances will boarding be permitted with mere self-certification pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/2000. Otherwise, boarding will be refused, with no right to reimbursement of the ticket.