1. The issue of tickets “Grimaldi Lines” will take place exclusively on the basis of General Terms for Transportation and Cancellation as published on site www.grimaldi-lines.com at clause “Useful Information” in force at the time of subscription.
  2. The issue of tickets Grimaldi Lines will not imply any subordination of the Travel Agent to Grimaldi as per article 1742 of Italian Civil Code. The issue of every ticket implies an irrevocable debt towards Grimaldi who can modify the General Terms of Modification and Cancellation for specific departures.
  3. The Booking Quotation will show the commission amount granted to the Travel Agent for each booking. 

    With the sole reference to the commissions paid for the sale of Grimaldi Lines tickets, the travel agency authorizes Grimaldi to issue invoices:
    These invoices (or credit notes):
    The travel agency shall:
    The a/m procedure will be applied to the sales commission on tickets issued starting from the subscription date of this agreement. 
    As long as the agreement will be in force the travel agency will not issue any sales commission invoice towards Grimaldi Lines.
    • On behalf of travel agency in compliance with the Italian Vat law (DPR 633/72 art. 21, comma 2, lett. n);
    • With a specific numbering referred to a defined Vat register named GL – travel agency code.
    • Will be put at disposal of the travel agency (as pdf file) through a reserved area of web site www.grimaldi-lines.com within five days from their issue date;
    • Will be considered duly received by Grimaldi within the day 10 of the next month unless some negative remarks are being sent by the travel agency;
    • Will be issued with the same currency of the tickets they refer to;
    • Will contain all information regarding tickets they refer to and every data required by the Italian Vat law. In particular, they will show the caption “issued by Grimaldi on behalf of the travel agency in compliance with the Italian Vat law DPR 633/72 art. 21, comma 2, lett. H”.
    • promptly notify Grimaldi in case of any subscription or suspension as to possible special tax system (to be clearly shown on the invoice);
    • take care to print the invoices since the availability through the web site only substitutes the sending by ordinary mail.
  4. Travel Agent expressly declares the telephone number specified in this form to be valid for any business/operating notice (the Travel Agent will promptly inform Grimaldi about modification if any).
  5. Shall the Travel Agent choose B2B ONLINE channel, it expressly declares the email address as filled in this form to be valid for any business/operating notice. Travel Agent acknowledges that Grimaldi will send B2B ONLINE access credentials to same email address.
  6. The travel agent undertakes to submit to the client the notice regarding personal and/or sensitive data processing according to the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and obtain his consent. In this regard, the travel agent will be directly responsible to the client in the event of violations of the rules of personal and/or sensitive data processing, failure or incomplete acquisition of the consent and/or non-compliance treatment and management of personal and/or sensitive data with the above mentioned L.D. no. 196/2003, thus releasing expressly Grimaldi. The travel agent will be responsible to the Grimaldi for all direct or indirect damages, including any penalties by the competent Authorities, that may result from the non-compliance with the rules of personal and/or sensitive data processing.
  7. For any dispute the competent court will be the Court of Naples.