Offer Change your ticket

Description of the offer “Change your ticket“

  • Conditions of the offer

The promotion provides for the possibility of changing the departure (time, date, line) without change fees up to 48 hours before the trip, both outward and return, indicated on the ticket. Only fare adjustment is due where the new ticket has a higher value than the previous one. If the new trip has a lower cost, the fare difference will be refunded if the ticket change is made through the same channel with which the first booking was made.

The change is possible an unlimited number of times for tickets issued from May 24th, 2021 and departures until December 31th, 2021.

Other changes (passenger names, accommodations, vehicles, etc.) are always possible without change costs as per the conditions indicated here.

  • Validity of the offer

The offer is valid for travel on the lines to/from Sardinia, Sicily, Spain and Greece and for all departures up to 31/12/2021 (last departure date for which the modification can be made without fees with 48h notice).

  • How to apply the offer

The offer is automatically applied to all tickets issued starting from May 24th, 2021, with special or standard fare.

The offer is not retroactive, that is, it does not apply to tickets whose first issue occurred on a date prior to the start of the offer.

  • Combination of the offer

The offer can be combined with other active offers at the time of booking.

Special rates are subject to limited availability and may change.

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