Any given 17th June 2022



  • Object of the offer

20% discount – fixed dues excluded – only on the ferry passage fee for adult and child. 

  • Validity of the offer

The offer is valid for booking made from 17/06/2022 to 26/06/2022 for selected departures from 17/06/2022 to 31/12/2022 on the below routes:

  • Civitavecchia – Porto Torres and vice versa,
  • Civitavecchia – Olbia and vice versa,
  • Livorno-Olbia and vice versa,
  • Savona Porto Torres and vice versa,
  • Savona – Cagliari and vice versa,
  • Livorno-Palermo and vice versa,
  • Salerno – Palermo and vice versa,
  • Civitavecchia – Barcellona and vice versa,
  • Porto Torres – Barcellona and vice versa,
  • Brindisi – Igoumenitsa and vice versa,
  • Brindisi – Corfù and vice versa,
  • Salerno – Tunisi and vice versa,
  • Palermo – Tunisi and vice versa,
  • Civitavecchia – Tunisi and vice versa.
  • How to apply the offer

The offer is obtained automatically during the purchase for the special rate only.  The discount applies only to the ferry passage fee for both adult and child. The discount cannot be applied to the mandatory fixed dues, to the optional additional related to: accomodation (armchairs, cabins), vehicles, pets, on-board services (meals, kit-pets, etc.), multi risk insurance.

  • Cumulability of the offer 

The promotion can be combined with other offers active at the time of booking, with conventions/partnerships/other discount codes and with the offers dedicated to Sardinians Doc and Sicilians Doc, unless otherwise specified in the related conditions of application.

  • Cancellation and ticket changes

The discount is not retroactive: it applies only to new bookings and does not apply to tickets  issued before the start of the offer.

Special fare tickets are non-refundable, but can be changed under the conditions in force.

Special rates are subject to change.

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