Passengers' vehicles

Passengers' vehicles
As accompanied vehicles are accepted only those which do not contain any commercial goods or goods destined to commercialization.
A vehicle containing different things from the personal luggage of the passenger is not considered as accompanied vehicles and it must be carried as wares. Touristic buses, trucks, trailers, articulated lorries, Jumbos with or without driver must travel as wares.
If the vehicle belongs to a booking code that is different from the one written on the ticket, the passenger loses his right to embark (without the chance of having any refund). It is possible the transport of just a vehicle for each passenger.

Vehicles that can be embarked are:
  • Cars up to 4 m long (h up to 1,90 m) overall*
  • Cars from 4,01 m to 5 m long (h up to 1,90 m) overall*
  • Cars up to 5 m long (h from 1,91 m to 2,90 m) overall*
  • Vans up to 6 m long overall*
  • Vehicles and vans from 6,01 m to 9 m long overall*
  • Motorhomes up to 6 m long overall*
  • Motorhomes from 6,01 m to 9 m long overall *
  • Motorcycles, scooters;
  • Bicycles, surfs;
  • Trucks and trailers per linear meter, included drawbars, tow hooks etc. up to 9 m.

Height and lenght “overall” include towbars, luggages in tow, accessories on car roof etc.

For Morocco and Tunisia*, the following additional amounts for extra height are applied and they can be paid at the embarkation:
  • € 120 for automobiles higher than 290 cm overall;
  • € 120 for vans and motorhomes higher than 50 cm from the vehicle’s chassis.
*For Tunisia, extra height is not anymore allowed for vans/campers disembarking in Tunis. Extra height is yet allowed for vans/campers embarking in Tunis and for embarking or disembarking cars.
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