Type of Tariff and Fix Dues

Type of Tariff and Fix Dues STANDARD FARES are those on which cannot be applied discounts and special offers (except for children who are not 12 years old at the moment of embarkation). Standard fares tickets are refundable and changeable.

Automatic discounts and offers valid at the booking moment will be applied on SPECIAL fares.
Special fares tickets are changeable (if it is not differently specified in terms and conditions of special offers) but not refundable and they depend on limited availability and restrictions, as specified in our General Terms

Tariffs for resident/native in Sardinia/Sicily, or any other dedicated tariff, will be applied. Please consult Sardinians Doc and Sicilians Doc for more information. Resident fare tickets can be modified and refunded according to Company General Terms.

For all sea routes Grimaldi Lines applies the following Fix Dues:
  • € 15 per passenger and leg for the lines from/to SPAIN, SARDINIA, SICILY, TUNISIA & MOROCCO
  • € 5 per passenger and leg for the lines from/to GREECE
For all passengers (over 2 years old) embarking towards Tunisia from Civitavecchia, Salerno and Palermo, it is compulsory to pay a fee of € 8.22 per passenger (International Maritime Voyages Fees), requested by the Tunisian Ministry of Transport in compliance with the Decree n. 368-2017 of 15.03.2017.