Minors need an individual and valid ID document, as specified in the dispositions of the rules CE n. 2252/2004.

Passengers younger than 14 years old: they cannot travel alone, without an adult.
Furthermore, if the adult who is with them is not one of their parents, it will be necessary that the Captain of the Ship or the Boarding Commissioner receive a letter in which the parents declare that they give their child’s custody to the specified person, who will be legally responsible too.
In addition, valid ID documents of the parents must be attached to the above-mentioned letter and, in case they are Non-Eu citizens, their residency permit –in which there is their child too- will be required.

Minors older than 14 years old: they can get on board just if they give to the Captain of the Vessel/ Board Commissioner a releasing letter signed by both parents, along with the Identity documents of each of them, in which they declare that the responsibility for their child’s behaviour and possible damages he might cause is theirs.
Neither the Captain of the Vessel nor any other member of the crew will take in custody the minor and the consequent responsibility of his behaviour.
The passenger needs the required documents of the Country in which he is going to and the Carrier has no responsibility if the Authorities of the landing port consider these required documents insufficient.

We remind you that all passengers, including children and infants, must be in possession of a valid ID at the time of check-in at the port (identity card, passport). It will not be allowed in any case the boarding with the mere self-certification ex DPR 445/2000. Otherwise the boarding will be refused, without the right to reimbursement.