Before getting on board, passengers have to check-in at the Passenger Terminal.
From routes from/to Sardinia and Livorno - Palermo and vv. the fast check-in procedure is available: passengers have to show their ticket to Grimaldi staff, directly at the moment of the embark.
At the check-in desk, they have to show the ticket and a valid ID document for all travelling passengers. Each of them will receive the individual Boarding Pass.
For passengers travelling in cabin, the Boarding Pass is also the cabin key, which has to be kept during the duration of the trip. Limit for check-in is 2 hours before sailing for all our routes.
Instead, for all sailings to and from Tunisia and Morocco the limit for check-in is 3 hours before sailing, whether passengers have a vehicle or not. Check-in to/from Morocco and Tunisia lines closes one hour before departure.
Passengers arriving at the check-in desk later than the deadline, lose the right for embarkation, even if they hold a valid reservation.
Vehicles are embarked according to the instructions given by the Master or his delegate and can be parked on any deck of the vessel.
For Security reasons, the name of the passengers and the details of their ID document, the maker, the model and the registration number of the vehicle have to correspond with what is written on the ticket. If this is not the case, access to the port and to the vessel may be refused.