Grimaldi Lines – Ferries to Sardinia, Spain, Sicily, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco

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Passengers' vehicles

Passengers' vehicles As accompanied vehicles are accepted only those which do not contain any commercial goods or goods destined to commercialization. A vehicle containing different things from the personal luggage of the passenger is not considered as accompanied vehicles and it must be carried as wares. Touristic buses, trucks, trailers, articulated lorries, Jumbos with or without driver must travel as wares. If the vehicle belongs to a booking code that is different from the one written on the ticket, the passenger loses his right to embark (without the chance of having any refund). It is possible the transport of just a vehicle for each passenger. Vehicles that can be embarked are: Cars up to 4 m long (h up to 1,90 m) overall* Cars from 4,01 m to 5 m long (h up to 1,90 m) overall* Cars up to 5 m long (h from 1,91 m to 2,90 m) overall* Vans up to 6 m long overall* Vehicles and vans from 6,01 m to 9 m long overall* Motorhomes up to 6 m long overall* Motorhomes from 6,01 m to 9 m long overall * Motorcycles, scooters; Bicycles, surfs; Trucks and trailers per linear meter, included drawbars, tow hooks etc. up to 9 m. Height and lenght “overall”… [Read more]

Type of Tariff and Fix Dues

Type of Tariff and Fix Dues STANDARD FARES are those on which cannot be applied discounts and special offers (except for children who are not 12 years old at the moment of embarkation). Standard fares tickets are refundable and changeable. SPECIAL FARES Automatic discounts and offers valid at the booking moment will be applied on SPECIAL fares. Special fares tickets are changeable (if it is not differently specified in terms and conditions of special offers) but not refundable and they depend on limited availability and restrictions, as specified in our General Terms   RESIDENTS/NATIVES FARES Tariffs for resident/native in Sardinia/Sicily, or any other dedicated tariff, will be applied. Please consult Sardinians Doc and Sicilians Doc for more information. Resident fare tickets can be modified and refunded according to Company General Terms. For all sea routes Grimaldi Lines applies the following Fix Dues: € 15 per passenger and leg for the lines from/to SPAIN, SARDINIA, SICILY, TUNISIA & MOROCCO € 5 per passenger and leg for the lines from/to GREECE For all passengers (over 2 years old) embarking towards Tunisia from Civitavecchia, Salerno and… [Read more]

Cancellation and variation policy

Cancellation and variation policy CANCELLATION OF BOOKING BY THE PASSENGER   Cancellations must be notified to the Carrier in writing or by a travel agency. Special fare tickets are not refundable. For standard fare tickets, the following cancellation fees apply on the total amount of the ticket (including passengers, accommodations, vehicles, pets, other items etc.):   10% penalty (plus fix dues) up to 30 days prior to sailing 30% penalty (plus fix dues) from 29 to 7 days prior to sailing 50% penalty (plus fix dues) from 6 to 2 days prior to sailing 100% penalty (plus fix dues), 1 day or less from departure and no show     Meals on board and shuttle bus service are not refundable in case of 100% penalty or no show. Tickets with a special Agreement are refundable if they are Special Fare tickets, otherwise they will be not refunded. No refund is granted for missed embarkation due to refusal by authority or missing or insufficient personal documentation or vehicle documentation. We recommend the passengers to take out an insurance policy to cover the aforementioned penalties for cancellations.     MODIFICATION OF BOOKING BY… [Read more]

Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment With Grimaldi Lines you can buy your ticket online quickly and safely!   You can use all the credit cards, prepaid and debit cards of Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners Club. During online payment, choose to pay by credit card and insert in the appropriate fields the card number, the expiry date and the CVV (3 digits), that you can find on the back of your credit card (or on the front and 4 digits for American Express). Secure SSL Payment System: more safety for your online purchases. To protect your privacy and safety when you proceed to pay by credit card, we use a secure payment system, guaranteed by VeriSign, the highest authority of certification worldwide. The details of your credit card are transmitted over a secure connection to SSL (Secure Socket Layer), directly to the bank for authorization and debit. Our site also has an agreement with Verified by Visa and Secure Code, security protocols developed by Visa and MasterCard respectively.   PayPal is a free online payment method, fast and reliable, to buy tickets. First, you must be pre-registered and have already opened a PayPal account.… [Read more]

General Terms

General Terms This is a non-binding translation of the Italian text. Only the Italian version is binding. This Terms and Conditions are applicable to tickets purchased up to 31/12/2019.   (*) The General Conditions for “Events on board” can be viewed at at the bottom of the trip program page. (**) The General Conditions communicated at booking apply to Grimaldi Lines Groups   Grimaldi Group S.p.A. acts as an agent for Carrier Grimaldi Euromed S.p.A. The Carrier for the sea route is indicated on the passenger ticket. Passengers, their luggage and accompanied vehicles are exclusively transported at the Carrier's Terms and Conditions. By purchasing the ticket, the passenger accepts the Terms and Conditions indicated below. Similarly at the time of reservation and/or purchase of the ticket, the passenger authorises ipso facto the processing of personal data as specified in the Privacy Policy set out at the end of this document and in accordance with with Art. 13 of UE Regulation n. 679/2016 .   DEFINITIONS “Carrier” means the Owner of the vessel that performs the sea transport. “Luggage”… [Read more]

Pets on board

Pets on board We consider pets all those animals legally registered according to the laws of their owner's Country. Onboard all the ships there are cabins (internal / external) where access to pets is allowed. All the pets cannot travel  in seats room and common areas; however, they can be on the external decks of the vessel, where they can walk with their owners, putting leash and muzzle on them. Other pets (as hamsters, rabbits and birds) must travel in their own carriers. During the booking you will need to select: "Pet up to 6kg" for pets up to 6kg  traveling in their own cages and dnot requiring accommodation in kennels; "Pet over 6 kg"  for all pets exceeding 6 kg who do not travel in the cage and need accommodation in the kennel. Accompanying animals will be nourished by their owners. Except for water, the personnel on board is in no way obliged to provide for food. Accompanying animals will be maintained by their owners who are also obliged to remove their excrements or any other stuff produced by the same. The passenger is liable for the accompanying animal. Any damage to the ship or things and any… [Read more]

Check-In & embarkation

Check-In & embarkation Before getting on board, passengers have to check-in at the Passenger Terminal. For the routes from/to Sardinia and Livorno - Palermo (and viceversa) the fast check-in procedure is available: passengers have to show their ticket to Grimaldi staff, directly at the moment of the embark. At the check-in desk, they have to show the ticket and a valid ID document for all travelling passengers. Each of them will receive the individual Boarding Pass. For passengers travelling in cabin, the Boarding Pass is also the cabin key, which has to be kept during the duration of the trip. Limit for check-in is 2 hours before sailing for all our routes. Instead, for all sailings to and from Tunisia and Morocco the limit for check-in is 3 hours before sailing, whether passengers have a vehicle or not. Passengers embarking from the port of Tangier with a van must show at check-in 6 hours before departure. Passengers arriving at the check-in desk later than the deadline, lose the right for embarkation, even if they hold a valid reservation. The embarkation operations from Barcelona to Porto Torres and Civitavecchia and viceversa close 30 minutes before… [Read more]


Documents EU citizens, who booked a reservation for Morocco or Tunisia, need their valid passport. EU citizens who booked a reservation for Spain, Greece, Sardinia, Malta and Sicily just need their valid ID card. Non-EU citizens, whichever the route they have chosen might be, need a valid passport and a valid residency permit or a visa for Countries belonging to Schengen Zone/ Schengen Visa Zone. All passengers, including children and infants, must be in possession of a valid ID at the time of check-in at the port (identity card, passport). It will not be allowed in any case the boarding with the mere self-certification ex DPR 445/2000. Otherwise the boarding will be refused, without the right to reimbursement. Before getting on board, each passenger must be sure to have all the documents required at the port of destination; the sea carrier is not responsible for an eventual denial to disembarkation by local authorities, for passengers who have not the required documents. For more details, please consult the Police website. [Read more]


Minors Minors need an individual and valid ID document, as specified in the dispositions of the rules CE n. 2252/2004. Passengers younger than 14 years old: they cannot travel alone, without an adult. Furthermore, if the adult who is with them is not one of their parents, it will be necessary that the Captain of the Ship or the Boarding Commissioner receive a letter in which the parents declare that they give their child’s custody to the specified person, who will be legally responsible too. In addition, valid ID documents of the parents must be attached to the above-mentioned letter and, in case they are Non-Eu citizens, their residency permit –in which there is their child too- will be required. Minors older than 14 years old: they can get on board just if they give to the Captain of the Vessel/ Board Commissioner a releasing letter signed by both parents, along with the Identity documents of each of them, in which they declare that the responsibility for their child’s behaviour and possible damages he might cause is theirs. Neither the Captain of the Vessel nor any other member of the crew will take in custody the minor… [Read more]

Passengers' Insurance

Passengers' Insurance   Grimaldi Lines has taken out an insurance policy with the company Europ Assistance Italia to ensure an additional service, while adding more protection to its passengers. The policy must be purchased at time of booking at a cost of € 3.25 per leg and allows the customer to obtain the reimbursement of the penalty in the case of cancellation of the trip. The insurance starts from midnight of the day trip/policy purchase and lasts till the beginning of the first leg. Cancellation insurance can not be applied to passengers traveling free in the cabin for Spain lines with SuperFamily&Friends special fare.   Let’s travel with Grimaldi Lines and Europ Assistance Italia!   Download complete Europ Assistance policy [Read more]

Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women Pregnant women of more than 6 months can only travel if they have a medical certificate authorizing their voyage, not older than 7 days from the departure day. In case of complicated pregnancy, the medical certificate is necessarily required, no matter how many are the months of pregnancy. However, embarkation is not allowed if the pregnant passenger will presumably have her baby within the following 7 days from the departure day or if she has given birth 7 days before it. If the captain considers that a pregnant woman’s conditions are not good enough, he can deny her departure; in case the captain refuses a passenger’s embarkation for a justified reason, the carrier will just have to refund the cost of the ticket

Grimaldi Accessible Tourism

Grimaldi Accessible Tourism ASK FOR SERVICE INFO AND QUOTATIONS    THE PROJECT GRIMALDI ACCESSIBLE TOURISM is a project that was launched in June 2018 thanks to the partnership with the Bed&Care start up. The project comes to life with the launch of the Disability Management online and telephone assistance services combined with the maritime passage ticket and with the advice that Bed&Care, in collaboration with Village for All - V4A®, will provide Grimaldi on-board and land personnel to offer PMR and other special-needs passengers the best reception and the most appropriate level of service.   Step by step, we want to become an excellence in Accessible Tourism and so, we will gladly welcome suggestions and comments from our customers, which can make us improve and achieve the goal at best. We believe that everyone has the right to take a holiday, so we will do everything so that our passengers have a holiday filled with maximum tranquillity.   With a view to accessible tourism, that is attentive to everyone's needs, it is of fundamental importance that the quality of the offer is very high. When we speak of everyone's needs,… [Read more]

RMPs - Passengers with reduced mobility

RMPs - Passengers with reduced mobility ‘Disabled person’ or ‘person with reduced mobility’ (here indicated as RMPs) means any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced as a result of any physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or as a result of age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and adaptation to his particular needs of the service made available to all passengers. The same conditions applied for all the other passengers, when it comes to bookings and tickets, are valid for them too. The carrier and terminal operators will make every reasonable effort to ensure that assistance is provided in such a way that the PMR can embark, disembark and travel on the ship. However, if it is absolutely impossible to board for justified safety reasons and/or where the design of the passenger ship or the port infrastructure and equipment, including the port terminals, makes it impossible to embark, disembark or transport the person in question in safe or concretely feasible conditions, the PMR may be refused booking, the issuance of a… [Read more]