Ferry departures from Patras


New South Port Of Patras
Ph.: +30 2610 426 000
Fax: +30 2610 461 188

Check in 

Check-in will be carried out by our staff in the Maritime Station. It is required to show up at embarkation at least an hour and a half before departure without a vehicle, two hours before departure with vehicle.

Documents necessary for boarding

Don’t forget that all passengers, including those UNDER AGED , must show up at embarkation with a valid identity document. Be always informed about valid travel documents before leaving.

Active routes from the port of Patras

Patras – Venice
Transit time 22h00m |
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Patras – Ancona
Transit time 22h00m |
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Patras – Brindisi
Transit time 16h00m |
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How to get there:

from Athens or Pyrgos, moving along the Patras Bypass (PB), it is possible to reach the port using these alternative routes:

– Exit the PB at the Glaucus Junction – Glaucus highway under construction – Akti Dymeon – Gate A
– Exit the PB at the Glaucus Junction-EXIT D Ovria Junction-Andr. Papandreu Street- Akti Dymeon-Gate A
– Exit the PB at the Glaucus Junction – Clauss – E. Venizelos – Akti Dymeon – Gate A

Passenger vehicles may also reach the South Port through the Corinth-Patras National Road – Kanellopoulou Str. – Iroon Polytechniou Str. – Othonos-Amalias Str. – Akti Dymeon.