Grimaldi Lines – Ferries to Sardinia, Spain, Sicily, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions



How can I book or buy a ticket?
You can book or buy a ticket:
  • on our website
  • sending an e-mail to (specifying: departure day, chosen accommodation and passengers’ personal data, that are: name, last name, birthday and number of a valid ID card or passport; if there are vehicles to embark, please, specify maker, model and registration number)
  • through your travel agency
What’s the difference between standard and special fares?
When choosing a Standard Fare, it is not possible to apply any kind of discount; fares are automatically applied (except for the children reduction reserved for children who are not 12 yet, at the moment of the departure).
Standard Fare tickets are refundable and changeable.
When choosing a Special Fare ticket, current discounts and offers can be applied for the selected parameters.
Special Fare tickets are changeable (if not specified the contrary in the conditions of applications of special offers applied) but not refundable; their availability is limited and it depends on restrictions.
For any further info, please read our General Terms.
I think I have correctly booked and paid my ticket on-line but I have not received any reply. What can I do?
In this case, it is necessary to contact our Call Center at +39 081 496 444.
It is also possible to send an e-mail to, specifying the booking reference and the passenger’s last name.
A professional will provide you with information about the status of the booking and, if this has been correctly booked, tickets will be sent to you at the e-mail specified at the moment of the booking; otherwise, he will proceed with a new booking.
Does the ticket I have received on-line constitute my ticket for the embark?
Tickets attached to the e-mail confirming the booking, are not valid for the embark; in order to get on board, it is necessary to have the boarding card which will be released by our staff at our ticket office, inside the departure port.
For departures from/to Sardinia, for which it is available the fast check-in, it is just necessary showing the ticket to our staff, at the moment of the embark.
How can I have an invoice for my trip?
After the booking, you can obtain your invoice filling the form at the following page.
The request can be done withing 15 days from the booking date.
How can I use an Agreement Discount?
When booking online, it is possible to select in our menu, the chosen agreement.
Each agreement has a specific code number; in order to apply the discount, it is necessary to fill the empty space in with the corresponding code.
For any further info, it is possible to consult our websites Partners section.
How can I buy the insurance which allows me to cancel the trip?
It is possible to buy it at the moment of the booking on-line, calling our call-center or asking to your travel agency.
Please remember that, in order to activate the insurance, it is necessary to sign the Europ Assistance forms received with the ticket; consequently, these must be sent to the address specified in the form.
How can I submit a complaint?
Complaints must be signalled to the Carrier at:
I have a food intolerance/allergy. How can I point it out?
Our passengers with food intolerances and/or allergies are asked to inform us about their needs at the moment of the booking, by sending an email to . They can have a customised menu with gluten free products, if necessary.
How can I apply Special Fares?
At the moment of the on-line booking, our system will automatically suggest you the double estimate for the selected journey; one with the Standard Fare and the other one with the Special Fare.
When choosing a Special Fare ticket, current discounts and offers are applied for the selected parameters.
If Standard and Special Fare tickets are the same, our system will just show the standard one, thus giving the client the chance to have a refundable and changeable ticket.


Payments and refunds

How can I pay a booking on-line?
Bookings on-line can be paid using a credit card (visa, mastercard ecc.), paypal or MyBank.
Can I book on-line and pay at the port?
No, payment must necessarily happen at the same time of the booking.
Does the price of the ticket also include food on board?
No, except for plates pre-ordered at the moment of the booking.
Are there additional amounts to pay for vehicles to embark?
For Morocco and Tunisia*, the following additional amounts for extra height are applied and they can be paid at the embarkation:
  • € 120 for automobiles higher than 290cm overall;
  • € 120 for vans and motorhomes higher than 50 cm from the vehicle's chassis.
*For Tunisia, extra height is not anymore allowed for vans/campers disembarking in Tunis. Extra height is yet allowed for vans/campers embarking in Tunis and for embarking or disembarking cars.
Please, remember that if the vehicle which must be embarked belongs to a different code from the one specified on the ticket, the passenger loses his right to get on board (without the chance of having any refund).
For info regarding vans’ categories, please, consult the Guide here.


Modifications and Booking Cancellation

Can I have access to the garage while travelling?
No. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to have access to the garage during the voyage.
If I need to cancel a booking on-line who can I write to?
It is necessary to send an e-mail to, specifying booking reference and passenger’s last name.
How can I modify an on-line booking?
It is possible to ask for a modification of your booking by sending an e-mail to or asking to your travel agency.
If I change my booking, will I receive a new ticket?
Yes. You will receive a new ticket.
How can I settle the rate-related difference, in case of variation?
 It is possible to pay it  using a credit card or a bank transfer.
Can I modify my booking at the port?
Yes, it is possible to modify bookings at our ticket offices inside the port.
Modifications about accommodation on board and vehicles can be requested until the very day of departure, paying variation costs.
Modifications about the day, passengers and kind of vehicles can be requested within and not later than two days before the departure.
Possible additions of passengers, pets, vehicles etc. depend on availability, at the moment of the variation.
Which is the deadline for booking’s modifications?
To know terms of variation and cancellation of the Company, please read our General Terms.


On board

How can I have a refund for an on-line booking?
You can send an e-mail to
Refund will be deposited on the same credit card used for the payment, as specified in annulment conditions below the ticket.
How earlier than the embark do I have to show up at the port?
Passenger needs to be at the embark (check-in) at least 2 hours before the departure, whether he has a vehicle or not.
For departures from/to Tunisia and Morocco it is necessary to be at the port 3 hours before the embark and it is possible to check-in until an hour before the departure. If this time is not respected, the embark can be denied.
During high season, eventual queues must be considered.
If the passenger arrives at the check-in desk later than the deadline, he loses the right for embarkation, even if holding a valid reservation.
Can I hand over my ticket to another passenger? Does it have a cost?
Tickets are nominal.
However, changes about name, day of departure, registration number etc. are allowed, if the passenger pays € 30 for the price of variation, plus potential rate-related adjustment.
For any further info, please read the General Terms of the Company.
What can I do if I lose my ticket?
It is possible to retrieve the ticket, requesting it to the nautical terminal, if you have a booking reference and a valid ID card.
Alternatively, it is possible to ask for it again sending an e-mail to or calling the 081 496 444
Is it possible for my pet to travel with Grimaldi Lines? If yes, which animals are classified as “pets”?
Yes, it is possible for your pet to travel with us but, please, be sure that its presence is included in the ticket.
We consider pets all those animals legally registered according to the laws of their owner's Country.
Exclusively on board the ferries serving routes to / from Olbia and Livorno/Palermo, there are cabins (internal / external) where access to pets is allowed. On board the other ships, they are not allowed to enter the cabin but there are specific supervised areas. Other pets (as hamsters, rabbits and birds) must travel in their own carriers. In addition, all the pets cannot travel  in seats room and common areas; however, they can be on the external decks of the vessel, where they can walk with their owners.
Once arrived at the port, what do I have to do?
Once there, you should go to the nautical terminal for the embark.
Showing the electronic ticket and a valid ID document, you will receive your boarding card which will also be the cabin’s key.
If you travel from/to Sardinia, you can directly get on board if equipped with ticket.
I booked a cabin/seat. How are they assigned?
Their assignment happens randomly. The number of cabins and seats will be highlighted on the boarding card.
For any further info about your accommodation, you can ask to the boarding staff.
If cabins are no longer available at the moment of the booking, is there a waiting list?
There is not a waiting list; if the accommodation you have chosen is not available, you can choose another one or you can change the departure day.
If I lose a personal item on the ship, who can I write to?
In case you lose a personal item on our ships, you can ask for it at the reception: plus, you should inform the boarding Commissioner.
If you realise you have lost your item after the disembarkation, you can send an e-mail to, providing all the details of the missing item.
Is it possible to embark a vehicle without driver?
Yes, it is possible but –in this case- the vehicle will be considered as a merchandise.
In this case, it is necessary to contact our Cargo Department
Can I get on board without the required ID documents?
No. If each passenger (minors included) does not have a valid ID document, the embark will be denied as well as the refund.
Which documents do I need for my trip?
EU citizens, who booked a reservation for Morocco or Tunisia, need their valid passport.
EU citizens who booked a reservation for Spain, Greece, Sardinia and Sicily just need their valid ID card.
Non-EU citizens, whichever the route they have chosen might be, need a valid passport and a valid residency permit or a visa for Countries belonging to Schengen Zone
Before getting on board, each passenger must be sure to have all the documents required at the port of destination; the sea carrier is not responsible for an eventual denial to disembarkation by local authorities, for passengers who have not the required documents.
Is there a medical assistance on board?
Yes, there is a doctor on board.
Is it possible for minors to embark?
Passengers younger than 14 years old: they cannot travel alone, without an adult.
Minors older than 14 years old: they can get on board just if they give to the Captain of the Vessel/ Board Commissioner a releasing letter signed by both parents.
For any further info about minors, please read our company’s General Info.
I am pregnant. Can I travel with you?
Yes. Pregnant women of more than 6 months can only travel if they have a medical certificate authorizing their voyage, not older than 7 days from the departure day.
For any further info, please read the General Terms.