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Meeting point of different civilizations which have followed one another during the centuries and characterised by a warm climate, Sicily is one of the most interesting destinations to choose, in whichever period of the year.

The most craved destinations of the island, which is the largest of the Mediterranean, are the coastal ones: Mondello, San Vito lo Capo, Cefalù, Taormina and Siracusa.
Others, definitely smaller, as Pelagie, Eolie, Egadi, Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione, constitute a tempting paradise to visit too.



In addition, Trapani will astonish you with the wealth of its historical heritage.
Every corner of its streets witnesses its past: from the port to the Saline, the windmills, the Colombaia castle, built on the isle close to the port, up to the prestigious palaces of the city-centre.

A visit of this town during Easter is highly recommended: the city-centre swarms with people attracted by a wide range of celebrations, the most evocative of which is the Processione dei Misteri of Venerdì Santo when twenty holy sculptures are carried along the streets of the city-centre to be worshipped all day long.
One more reason to choose it as a destination for your trip is the fact that it represents an obliged step to easily reach Pantelleria by hovercraft and to enjoy its sea, the smell and taste of its specialties as capers and zibibbo wine, while staying in the dammusi, the typical local dwellings.


Not to be missed (in Agrigento) is the Valley of the Temples, an important archaeological site witnessing the traces left in Sicily by the Greek civilization.
Another location, which attracts hundreds of tourists and visitors, is Catania (sited below Mount Etna), second largest city of the island, famous all over the world for the growing and processing of its delicious citrus fruits.
Furthermore, the position of Palermo is strategic too; Arabic, Byzantine and Spanish influences are prevalent and this town has as main feature Baroque buildings and culinary Arabic pleasures.


Find out all the offers for ferries to Sicily

Choose to travel with Grimaldi Lines to reach Sicily in a pleasant and convenient way.
Our company offers regular departures from Livorno and Salerno to Palermo, one of the most beautiful Sicilian cities, which still shows traces of its ancient dominants.


Please, read below our Fares and Timetables


Outward SALERNO - departure PALERMO - arrival
Monday 12:30 23:00
Saturday 00:30 10:00


Return PALERMO - departure SALERNO - arrival
Friday 10:30 20:00
Sunday 19:00 07:00*
* Next day


The departure from Salerno on Saturday at 00:30 takes place in the night between Friday and Saturday.

The ship departing from Salerno goes to Tunis
The ship departing from Palermo comes from Tunis



Outward LIVORNO - departure PALERMO - arrival
Monday 23:30 17:30*
Thursday 01:00 19:00
Saturday 01:30 20:00
* Next day


Return PALERMO - departure LIVORNO - arrival
Tuesday 23:59 18:30*
Friday 01:00 19:00
Sunday 01:30 20:00
* Next day


The departure from Livorno on Thursday at 01:00 takes place in the night between Wednesday and Thursday.
The departure from Livorno on Saturday at 01:30 takes place in the night between Friday and Saturday.
The departure from Palermo on Friday at 01:00 takes place in the night between Thursday and Friday.
The departure from Palermo on Sunday at 01:30 takes place in the night between Saturday and Sunday.


Our offers

Sicilians Doc
Conditions of application:
  • For all native citizens or residents in Sicily, Grimaldi Lines applies special rates on Livorno – Palermo and Salerno - Palermo routes (and vice versa).
  • Until 10.06.2018, the offer "Sicilians Doc" includes a special 100% discount for cars or motorcycles in tow.
  • The special rates do not apply to fixed dues, insurance and meals.
  • The special rates apply to all passengers included in the reservation.
  • To apply the special rates please select “Resident” during the online booking.
  • During embarkation the passengers have to be in possession of a valid ID, showing the birth and/or the residence in a town of Sicily. If the above terms would not respected, passengers will have to pay any tariff differences at the boarding
  • The offer may be combined with the other special offers available at time of booking, except the offers "SENIOR" and "YOUNG".
  • The offer cannot be combined with the agreements.
  • The offer is not retroactive. Tickets can't be refunded, but they can be changed at the applicable conditions.
Senior Offer
Conditions of application:
  • Grimaldi Lines offers a special 20% discount to all passengers over 60, for voyages from/to SPAIN, SICILY, and SARDINIA.
  • The offer is valid for reservations up to 31.12.2018 and departures up to 30.06.2018 and from 01.09.2018 up to 31.12.2018.
  • Until 10.06.2018, the offer includes a special 100% discount for inside cabins.
  • The discount is applicable on ship passage, accommodation supplements and vehicles.
  • The discount cannot be applied to fixed dues, meals and events on board.
  • To disfrute the discount, whilst booking insert in the proper field the discount code “SENIOR”.
  • The discount can be combined with other special offers available at the moment of booking; it cannot be combined with agreements and resident/native offers.
  • The offer is not retroactive and is subject to availability and modifications.
  • The ticket is not refundable but can be modified at the applicable conditions.
The special rates are subject to availability and may change.
Children Reduction
Conditions of application:

• Up to 2 years old (not yet turned), without right for berth or seat: free of charge (maximum 2 per cabin).
• From 2 to 12 years old (not yet turned): 50% reduction on the ship passage, except fixed dues.
• For the lines to/from Sicily children travel free up to 12 years old (not yet turned) - Grimaldi Lines offers the ship passage at €0; accommodation supplements and fixed dues have to be paid.
• It cannot be combined with SuperFamily & Friends fare and cannot be applicable to events on board.
Special fares could be modified. Please, check availability directly online

Our ships



Catania is a ro/pax ship constructed with a novel design concept and sailing under the… [Read more]



Ro-Ro Passenger ferry built in 2005: 45.923 gros tonnage, length 218.8m, speed 25 knots. Services… [Read more]

Info for boarding

Ticket offices

Darsena Toscana - Port of Livorno
Viale Mogadiscio
57123 - Livorno
Ph. +39 0586 425548

Palermo- Grimaldi Group

Molo Piave- Passenger Terminal - Port of Palermo
Ph: +39 091 601 45 17
Salerno - Grimaldi Euromed s.c.p.a.

Via Ligea Porto Commerciale Lato di Ponente
Ph.: +39 089 258 31 48



From routes from/to Sardinia the fast check-in procedure is available: passengers have to show their ticket to Grimaldi staff, directly at the moment of the embark.

Check-in operations will be handled by our employees inside the ticket office.
The passenger needs to show up at least 2 hours before the departure, whether he has a vehicle or not.
During periods of high season, possible queues must be considered.
If the passenger does not show up within the above-mentioned time, he loses his right to get on board, even if he has a valid booking.
At the moment of the check-in, passengers will receive the individual boarding card which, in case he has chosen a cabin, will also be the key of it; this is the reason why it must be carefully preserved.


Vehicles are embarked according to specific dispositions of the ship’s captain or by his subordinates. Vehicles can be placed on whichever deck of the ship’s garage.
In compliance to Security, passengers’ names, data about their ID documents, brand, type and register of their vehicle, written on the ticket, must specifically correspond to passengers and their vehicles.
If these conditions are not respected, the access to portual crossings can be denied.
Windowed vans within 6 meters long belong to VAN (and not CAR) category.
For more information about vehicles category, consult the Guide here.


EU citizens need their valid ID card.
Non-EU citizens need a valid passport and a valid residency permit or a visa for Countries belonging to Schengen Zone.

All the passengers, minors included, must necessarily have a valid ID document or their passport at the moment of the check-in.
Otherwise, the embarkation will be denied with no refund.



The ticket is nominal, it cannot be given to anyone else but the proprietary and it is just valid for the specific route.
In case the passenger loses his ticket, it is possible for him to ask how the procedures works (to the nautical terminal) in order to receive the ticket back, if they remember their booking reference and if they have a valid ID document. Otherwise, it is possible to ask for it writing an e-mail at info@grimaldi.napoli.it or calling our call center at 081 496 444.



The Ro/Pax vessels have two special cabins for PRM.
PMR only have access to the essential services of the vessel. Their vehicles will be directly placed in specific parking areas.
PMR need to inform in writing -when they book and buy a ticket- any specific need regarding their accomodation, seat, required services or their necessity to carry with them specific medical equipments.
For further info about the procedures, please read our General Terms


Pregnant Women

Pregnant women, from the 6th month onward can only travel if they have a medical certificate authorizing their voyage, not older than 7 days from the departure. For further info about the procedures, please read our General Terms


It is allowed to carry as baggage a maximum of two packages containing personal effects. Carry-on baggage in excess can be stored in a container made ​​available by the Company paying a fee of € 10.00 per package at the time of boarding. The excess baggage (used appliances and furniture, household goods cc.) Is not transported on a car roof can be stowed in a container just by paying the fee of € 35.00 per boarding neck.
For further info about the procedures, please read our General Terms


Cabins and seats

The assignment of cabins and seats is casual. Their number will be written on the boarding card.
For further info about the procedures, please read our General Terms



Without exceptions, pets must stay in the dog house during the whole voyage. It is strictly forbidden to keep animals in the cabin or across passenger areas. Accompanying animals will be nourished by their owners. Except for water, the personnel on board is in no way obliged to provide food.

For further info about the matter, please read our General Terms




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Darsena Toscana - Port of Livorno
Viale Mogadiscio
57123 - Livorno
Ph. +39 0586 425548


How to get there


To reach Darsena Toscana take the motorway Firenze/Pisa/Livorno (FI/PI/LI) in direction Port. Take the exit "LIVORNO/PORTO" and follow the sings "PORTO" and go straight on till "TIRRENIA" - keeping the left and following the signs “DARSENA TOSCANA EST - VIALE MOGADISCIO”.


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Palermo- Grimaldi Group

Molo Piave- Passenger Terminal - Port of Palermo
Ph: +39 091 601 45 17

How to get there:

Enter the port through the gate located in front of Via Emerico Amari.
The check-in desk is located inside the Grimaldi Line box on Molo Piave.

On your navigator: TOWN = Palermo – STREET = Banchina Piave


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Salerno - Grimaldi Euromed s.c.p.a.

Via Ligea Porto Commerciale Lato di Ponente
Ph.: +39 089 258 31 48

How to get there:

From Naples by motorway A3 : leave the motorway through exit "Vietri sul Mare"

From Rome-Caserta by motorway A30 : at the end of the motorway (after toll) take the highway "Avellino-Salerno" (E841) direction Salerno, leave through exit "Salerno Centro", follow signposts "porto"

From Bari Avellino (E841) : leave through exit "Salerno Centro", follow signposts "porto"

From South by motorway A3 : leave through exit "Salerno Centro", follow signposts "porto"

On your navigator: TOWN Salerno – STREET = Banchina Rossa

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